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The EU s institutional crisis, sparked by Irish voters rejection of the Lisbon Treaty, is set to last till at least 2010, posing major problems for the bloc, according to diplomats and analysts.
Ireland sent shockwaves through the European Union on June 12 when 53 percent of voters there rejected the treaty in the only referendum on the text anywhere in the 27-nation bloc.
The ensuing period of euro-limbo, which recalls the rejection of the original EU constitution by French and Dutch voters in 2005, has trashed plans to get the treaty up and running by January 1, 2009.
Ireland s EU partners had been hoping Dublin would manage to ratify the text early next year, so that it could be in place ahead of European parliamentary elections next June and the introduction of a new EU Commission the following November.
That scenario is no longer seen as credible. ( дальше... )Finland ratifies EU s Lisbon TreatyFinnish President Tarja Halonen on Friday ratified the European Union s Lisbon Treaty, giving the final approval for the deal adopted by Finland s parliament by a large majority in June.
One hundred and fifty-one of Finland s 200 parliamentarians voted for the treaty on June 11 while 27 opposed it and 21 were absent.
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